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Dance Arts Foundation Festival Gala 2023

This festival provided an invaluable opportunity for upcoming young artists to perform alongside and learn from professional principal dancers, creating a rich learning experience for all involved. The atmosphere was electrifying as the audience enjoyed a wide range of breathtaking performances.


This unique and extraordinary festival united dancers from studios across California. Dancers traveled from near and far to come together, working cohesively and collaboratively, fostering a sense of camaraderie in this unforgettable showcase of artistry and talent!

Enjoy these highlights from our remarkable event, where more than 100 talented classical ballet and contemporary dance students illuminated the stage with their exceptional skills, passion, and dedication to the art of dance.

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Conny Mathot, President/Founder of Dance Arts Foundation and Adrin Nazarian, Assembly Member

Conny Mathot, the esteemed President and Founder of the Dance Arts Foundation, has been recognized by the State of California for her significant contributions to the arts and the community. This recognition is a testament to her unwavering commitment to sharing the joy and benefits of dance with people of all ages.


Resolution by Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian: "Resolved by Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian, that he takes great pleasure in honoring Conny Mathot, President and Founder of Dance Arts Foundation, for her commitment to sharing the joy and benefits of dance with people of all ages. He commends her for her invaluable contributions to the arts and the community and extends sincere best wishes to her for continued success in her future endeavors."

Conny Mathot's dedication to the dance community has left an indelible mark, inspiring countless individuals and fostering a love for the arts across generations. Her leadership at the Dance Arts Foundation has enabled numerous young dancers to pursue their dreams and achieve excellence in their craft. Actively involved in furthering the education of young artists who are pursuing a career in dance, she has played a pivotal role in providing opportunities and support for their professional development. This recognition by the State of California highlights her exceptional efforts and the positive impact she continues to have on the cultural landscape.

Dance Arts Foundation Inaugural Gala Festival 2018

An extraordinary program featuring California’s most outstanding young Classical Ballet and Contemporary dancers. The festival gala, led by Pacific Northwest Ballet Company Principal Dancers and artists from Milwaukee Ballet Company, was a lively evening of dance celebration. Hosted by Mark L. Walberg, these exceptional young artists, selected via auditions and competition performances throughout California, came together to captivate the audience with their exquisite ability and deep passion for the art of Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

The following day allowed the young performers to attend a full day of workshop classes, including sessions taught by the performing Guest Artists and specialty Master Teachers.

Program includes:

PNB Principal Dancers:

Seth Ricard Orza
Genevieve Waldorf
Milwaukee Ballet Artists:

Alana Griffith
Barry Molina

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